Practice Areas

The firm of Sherman, Hoffman, & Miller, LC is a general practice firm providing legal services in many areas of the law. If you need legal expertise in a specialized legal area, we often know the experts and can obtain expertise which you may not otherwise be aware of. We can assist you with understanding and coordinating your special legal needs – often at no additional cost to you.

Real Estate Law

We provide clients with legal counsel regarding residential, commercial and agricultural transactions. Our clients receive assistance in all aspects of transaction from simple drafts for residential purchasing agreements to negotiating complex lease agreements for commercial facilities. We have a title insurance company and can provide one stop contract through closing services for the convenience of our clients.

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Oil & Gas

We offer legal representation to oil and gas producers, operators and non-traditional energy clients as well as oil field suppliers, mineral owners, drilling companies, and gas leasehold-estate owners. We can assist in the negotiation, drafting and revision of oil and gas leases and working interest. We also have experience in litigation related to oil and gas issues.

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Tax Law

Our office prepares hundreds of income tax returns every year. We can also assist in planning your finances for tax efficiency. We provide personalized attention to the details of each return, representing our clients in dealings with the IRS and KDOR, including responding to IRS and KDOR communications.

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Estate Planning

We represent clients who need estate planning for both large and small estates. We can guide you in the planned transfer of your assets and interests. Whether it is your first will or an update to an existing plan at Sherman, Hoffman, & Miller, LC we know how to help you plan so that you are ready for the future.

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Accident Injury & Wrongful Death

We represent and work with people who have been injured or killed in an accident or other misfortune. We also know many lawyers who are experts in the area of personal injury litigation and will assist clients in obtaining the best lawyer for their case.

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Elder Law

Our attorneys assist clients with estate planning, probate and trust administration, special needs trusts and planning, guardianships and conservatorships, powers of attorney, advance healthcare directives, and asset protection planning.


Our firm represents several municipalities in and around Ellsworth County. Our attorneys have experience in handling matters related to local government including zoning, open meetings and records and other local government issues.

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In the traditional domestic setting, our firm has represented multiple step-parents during the step-child adoption process. We provide legal representation and support by guiding individuals and families at any stage of the adoption process.

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We represent a number of financial institutions Our representation includes matters ranging from advising on loan and security documentation, preparing loan agreements to collecting the debt if things do not go as expected.

Civil Litigation

Our firm has experience in a wide variety of litigation. We focus on the most efficient, timely and cost-effective approach to each case, thus, minimizing our client costs, while pursuing each case as aggressively as needed.

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Probate Estate & Trust Administration

Our attorneys have years of experience in handling the complexities of probate administration. We can guide individuals and families through the entire estate administration and probate process.

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Wind Farm Leases

Our office has assisted landowners and some wind developers on dozens of projects throughout the state of Kansas. We can provide lease review, drafting, presentations, and negotiations as the situations require.

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Our attorneys have experience in the agricultural industry. We represent numerous local clients including agricultural co-ops, grain farmers, livestock producers, and other ag-related businesses.


The attorneys at SHH represent companies of all sizes from small start-ups to established corporation. We also have experience in assisting with business planning and formation.

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School Law

We do and have represented and counseled Kansas public school districts in the many areas of law which schools must be aware of and address.

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Water District

We have worked with and for water districts since the creation of the largest water district in Kansas in the 1980’s.

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Bankruptcy (Creditor)

We represent several financial institutions to help them secure their rights in bankruptcy.